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Nonlinear Analysis running slow - Did I miss any settings?

Question asked by Chris Nelson on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Kevin Corr

Howdy all,


Let me start by saying that I usually set up a static analysis to check my analyses first.  That lets me see if I'm in the ballpark with my loads & restraints.  Once everything looks good, I'll create a non-linear analysis & copy everything over (except the material properties, which I want to be non-linear).  Press the run button & let it solve overnight.


Now this system has worked fine for me most of the time.  But I've seen a few cases where one night of solving isn't even close to enough time.  Instead of solving overnight, I'll come back the next day & it's only 1% done.  Like it needs multiple weeks to solve.  The thing is, these analyses aren't really that much bigger in element count or complexity.  Slightly bigger sure, but not nearly to this scale.  It's like I've crossed some sort fo phantom line in the sand. 


I've checked all the usual suspects I can think of.  Plenty of RAM, 64 bit machine, SSD drives.  Watching the ressource monitor shows that the core is pegged at full usage.  I'd believe this was a swap space / page file issue, but the memory usage isn't even close to needing to swap (analysis is requesting half a gig of RAM, machine has 32 gigs).  Is there some sort of limitation in SW that would cause this behavior?  Any setting I need to be changing?