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Simulate a pressure on a round hollow ring

Question asked by Daniele Santomassimo on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by Daniele Santomassimo

Dear all,


my name is Daniele Santomassimo. I am student of Mechanical engineering and I am a user of SolidWorks 2011.


I modeled a hollow ring and what I am trying to do is to simulate a "squeeze" on both sides of the ring (spaced of 180 degrees). The final idea is to check how much deflection I obtain given a certain pressure on both rings (how elliptical the solid becomes). That is what I wish to simulate!!


At the moment though I cannot obtain this because of two reasons:

1) I don't know where to put the constraint

2) I don't know how to distribute the force over an angle of 45/50 degrees on both sides of the ring. At the moment the program arbitrarily decides to spread the pressure over the whole surface.


I hope that I managed to clarify what my aim is and hopefully somebody knows how to do it.


Thank you very much and KR


Daniele Santomassimo