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    Surface Knit Won't Thicken (Open Surfaces?)

    Elinor Mileti

      Hi, I got a lot of help in making this surface (finally!), but the next step is giving me difficulties now.


      Right now I have a knit-surface of a shell half for a handle design. What I need is this to become a solid body with a 0.08" wall thickness (side 2, inside the handle). When I go to thicken the knit-surface, I get an error "failed to offset or face could not be deleted".


      I ran a tools >> check and it says there are "open surfaces", but SolidWorks is not my native program and I can't figure out precisely what that means or how to fix it.


      Thanks in advance to the community, this is a great asset.



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          Jeff Mowry

          Elinor, I see some issues that are preventing a shell.  Primarily, the radius of some of your boundary surface sketches is too small to then offset the surfaces inside to create the inner surface of a shell.  Check Sketches 29 and 33 particularly, where it seems you've got a Fit Spline feature (or similar) with a tiny radius in some areas.


          If you're using Fit Spline with these, make sure the settings are generating a spline that really fits your underlying arc geometry.  To me, it appears the Fit Spline is making a smaller radius than is necessary, which won't allow the inside surface to be created (0.080" offset inward) for your shell.  The minimum radius for all sketch geometry in this case should be slightly greater than your wall thickness, so you'll want to also check your other boundary surfaces to make sure this is correct.


          I need to get back onto another project for now, but you can contact me here, if necessary: