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Surface Knit Won't Thicken (Open Surfaces?)

Question asked by Elinor Mileti on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by Jeff Mowry

Hi, I got a lot of help in making this surface (finally!), but the next step is giving me difficulties now.


Right now I have a knit-surface of a shell half for a handle design. What I need is this to become a solid body with a 0.08" wall thickness (side 2, inside the handle). When I go to thicken the knit-surface, I get an error "failed to offset or face could not be deleted".


I ran a tools >> check and it says there are "open surfaces", but SolidWorks is not my native program and I can't figure out precisely what that means or how to fix it.


Thanks in advance to the community, this is a great asset.