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running sldim.exe on windows 7 fails

Question asked by Eyal Siryon on Jun 26, 2012

the conditions:

I am using windows 7 sp1 ultimate 64 bit.

The admin image is located on my network (mapped drive).

The admin image version is  2012 SP3

the UAC is turned off

I am an administator on the machine and on the network.


The problem:

When trying to run using the HTA file, the sldim.exe starts and after 3 seconds disappears

when running the vbs line from a command line, the sldim.exe starts and after a while it gives me an error the admindirector.xml file can not be located.


the same admin image was tested on windows xp 64 bit and works great (both mentioned ways)


does anyone have any idea how to work around this issue?