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    Lock mate feature.

    Felipe Gaitan

      I am have assembled three parts in what looks like a portal frame. So there are like two columns supporting a beam. I used the lock mate to bind the two columns to the third beam and I am also applying a force on that third beam. My question is, when the lock-feature is used what remains locked to what. Are the center of masses of two bodies locked with respect to one another, or are the two surfaces that are in contact the ones that are actually locked.


      I am trying to figure this out because when I run a study to find the stresses they seem to be awfully high, so I am staring whether the stress analysis is actually valid.

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          Jerry Steiger



          You should probably ask this question in the Simulation/Simulation forum. You can actually move the thread, rather than asking it again in that forum.


          I'm not familar with how SolidWorks Simulation works, but I believe that mates are not carried through into the analysis. You have to apply the proper boundary conditions in Simulation. I wouldn't rely on my advice; safer to find out from someone who really knows.


          Jerry Steiger