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Double Pendulum: Motion Study

Question asked by Howard Ryan on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Howard Ryan

Hello all, I am studying the motion of a double pendulum attached.  I am 100% sure that the mates I used are wrong, but am not really sure why.  For my first configuration, I fixed the prong on the top, and the ring and hook are free to rotate.  Also the reason for the path mates is that there is slippage occuring between the ring and prong, and between the hook and ring.  Another assumption is that there is no slipping for this study as well.  The intent of this project is to study the motion of the pendulum when released from a theta angle (x-y plane) and a phi angle(y-z plane).  When I go to run the study, I with these conditions I get immediate errors, which makes sense because the ring and hook are rotation 360 degrees which is not possible as you can see.  How do I restrict this motion? I tried using a contact set in the motion simulation, but keep getting errors which are evident when I run the trace path.  So my question is basically what is a more efficient way to run the simulation?  Also, if there are any online tutorials I can take to better understand how motion studies operate.  Thank You very much, and I would really appreciate the help!


P.s. motion study 2 is the one im concerned with.  The attached quicktime movie, is what the motion should look like.