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    File Management For Beginner

    Niall Mitchell

      Wasent sure where to ask this question so apoligies if its in the wrong section.


      I am trying to sort out the files at my company which is a huge task as I am the 7th engineer to do the job in 3 years and everyone previously had a different way of doing things and some werent very disciplined when it came to file management.


      The main problem im trying to get my head around is that I have files and assemblies which are shared between several projects and kept in several different locations. When one file/assembly is modified for one project how is the best way of updating all of the other parts/assemblies of the same name but in different locations. Is their an automated way of doing this.


      Next question is how to retain the obsolete files so that they can be referenced back to if necissery but ensure that the obsolete files arent accidentally used as has happened in the past.


      My feeling is that the basic version of solidworks doesn't contain the file management that all this will require also though I hope to be proven wrong.


      Finally if anyone could remomend some reading/training for help learning this kind of thing it would be appreciated as filemanagement wasent part of my degree and im teaching myself as I go along.


      Thanks in advance

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          Scott McFadden


          One word answer.  PDM Workgroup, ok two...

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            Jerry Steiger



            I agree with Scott. Although he's got it backwards, it is now called Workgroup PDM. And there are other possibilities, like dbWorks and Activault, and others I don't know about.


            We installed a PDM system when we hired our second ME, because keeping track of the files was such a pain. If I were working alone, I would still use PDM system.


            Devon Sowell, one of the really knowledgeable people in this area, has a book on SolidWorks PDM, as well as another on using SW Explorer for file management. If, like many, you can't convince management to spend the relatively small amount of money to set up a PDM system, then understanding SW Explorer is probably your best hope. Here is his website:




            You might get some better answers if you ask in the Data Management/Workgroup PDM forum.


            Jerry Steiger

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              Jeff Holliday

              I agree with Scott and Jerry. One addition to Jerry's comments about the "realtively small amount" to set up. If you have SWorks Pro or Premium version, you already have Workgroup PDM included at no charge - there would be no purchase costs, just set up and learning costs, which are not particularly difficult.