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How to create a J-Lock on a cylidrical part?

Question asked by Chad Cutter on Jun 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Bevin Pettitt

Hey all...  This is stumping me to no end...  I'm trying to create a j-lock in a cylindrical part...  I would assume that solid sweep is my tool of choice, but I'm having great difficulties in controlling it.  I've attached the part file, now I have removed my attempts to do this as it just fails..  So what I have done here is made both extrusion(not merged) one is the cylindrical part to cut(the pipe) and the other is the cylinder to represent the end mill.  This would be made on a mill with a rotary indexer...  Axis 1(Centerline end mill) always intersects Axis 2(Centerline of pipe).  I wrapped a closed profile on the outer face to show what the finished cutout will be, but this was just for repesentation purpose only.  I'm sure this is possible, but I just can't this to work?


Anyone know how to do this??