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Is it possible to add a weldment to an extruded surface edge?

Question asked by Corey Takehara on Jun 22, 2012
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Good morning forum!


I was just curious if it is possible to add a weldment to an extruded surface. For example I constantly have to make cabinets at my work and honestly alot of my time is taken up by simply adding 1.5"x1.5" trim to certain edges. I do not believe it is possible in weldments but I figured Id ask. I would just use the trim as an assembly but I would have to make so many assemblies it would take forever. Our stuff almost always varies by a little bit so it doesn't seem like its worth it. I know it is possible to make the shape of the trim I want but arent you only allowed to drop a weldment profile onto just a plain sketch line? For example if I were to make a box and extrude it, I would not be able to add a weldment profile to the edge of the box correct?


If you have any insight it would be much appreciated.


Thanks for your time!