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Same weld selection, two different locations, TWO DIFFERENT RESULTS?!?

Question asked by Bill Lacey on Jun 22, 2012

Maybe I just don't get it, but I can't find a reason as to why this is happening. I'm tring to weld together an I-Beam structure with web fillers that follow the profile of the beam. I have to put these fillers in multiple locations (16 total), but when I select the faces for my weld selection, I'll get different results even if I'm selecting the same faces.


In the PDF, the first page shows what I want. The weld line follows the faces I have selected. The second page shows what's happening in some spots, where the weld line is adding a bead on the open face.


It gets even weirder. I have two vertical beams with four web fillers each. On the left beam, the bottom three show up like page 1, which is exactly what I want. However, the top filler shows up like page 2, with the extra bead. On the other side, it is opposite of the left, where the bottom three are wrong and the top one is correct.


Any ideas?