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    Task Pane on Dual Displays


      Thanks for clearing this up.
        • Task Pane on Dual Displays
          This problem has been discussed many times.
          It is a userinterface problem. Trees and task pane
          should be in a separate (fixed size) window and update
          according to the selected window of part/drawing/assembly.
          If this is fixed then Scrollworks would turn into
          Solidworks again. Now the userinterface of trees and
          propertymanger etc is restricted to the size of the window.
          Only Solidworks has this problem.
          • Task Pane on Dual Displays
            I am using SW2007 with SP1.1

            This little annoyance has been with me all through 2006 and is still there with 2007.

            I have two displays on my system. I place SolidWorks on the LH display and I like to move the task pane to the RH display. The problem is that no matter how I size and position the task pane, when I first launch SolidWorks the pane always is moved so that a small portion is in the LH display and the rest in the RH display. So I must always reposition it before every session of SW.

            I have tried all variations of redocking, closing, undocking, repositioning, toggling the pushpin icon, etc. Does anyone else have this issue. Is Solidworks perhaps unable to play well with multiple dispalys? Could it be that SW can not record the pane position and must have some part of it in the native SW area at launch?

            Your help and suggestions are always appreciated.