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Chain assembly

Question asked by Juozas Petrikas on Jun 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by Mark Kaiser


I'm creating a gear box and have a problem with creating a chain that would rotate. The chain cosists of rings, i attached a file that shows the dimensions of 1 ring(named "1Grand")..

The chain has to be rotating and spinning with a part named "PavarosKrumpMaz".

I create the belt path using belt/chain assembly tool, but then my problems starts.. how do i force the chain to go to respective places(lets call it tooths) in the spinning part? another problem is, when creating a chain, if it's moved a bit, all the rings jump to 1 exact spot.. (this problem might dissapear after creating full chain)

I'm using Solidworks 2012.

Any ideas how i could solve my little problem?


If there's something else you need to know, please ask..