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Wrong configuration always shows in assembly

Question asked by Mike Ingram on Jun 20, 2012

I have an assembly, basically a sheet metal box, where two of the sides are configurations of the same sub-assembly (let's say "With" and "Without" configurations).


Every time I the top assembly, the side of the box that should be "Without" is displayed having some of the "With" configuration components - but only some.  The base part is correct.  In other words, the correct sheet metal is shown, but some of the inserts from the opposite panel are incorrectly displayed.  The feature manager shows the correct configuration ("Without"), and those inserts that are incorectly shown appear as suppressed in the tree, as they should be.


The only components that are incorrectly shown are derived and mirrored  in the panel assembly.  Their parents are (correctly) not shown.


Deleting then reinserting the offending panel assembly in the top assembly doesn't fix it.


It doesn't matter if the offending panel is resolved or lightweight.


Changing the configuration in the feature manager from Without to With then back to Without causes it to display correctly.  But, when I save it after doing that then reopen, and the same problem re-occurs.


The drawing for the top assembly does the same thing, incorrectly displaying some of the components from the With config in the Without config.


However, if I open the panel assembly that's the culprit, it always opens each configuration correctly.


I'm using 2011.


Thanks for your input!