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Naming a new part/assembly

Question asked by Derek Hindsberg on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Joy Garon

Hello everybody


I have a few hopefully easy questions that I hope to get an answer for.


1. When I save a new part/assy solidworks names it to partnumber.sldprt. Is it possible to add part descripton to the filename? Say part number is 12345 and description is bracket, now I want to save the part as 12345-bracket.sldrpt not 12345.sldprt.




How do I rename all the old parts in my vault to names like 12345-bracket.sldprt? Now all the parts have only the partnumber as filename.



2. In our company we have standard machines that we customize for new customers. Whats the smartest way to customize a machine without changing anything in the standard machine folder? Should we use "copy tree" to a new project? If we use this, does all the references to the old assy dissapear and there will be a bunch of new parts in the new project folder?


Thanks in advance