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    Beam Diagrams (Shear/Moment)

    Gloria Starns

      I am modeling a simply supported beam and the shear diagram created by simulation is showing shear values as negative when they should be positive.  A point load (downward on the beam) and a distributed load (downward) are supported by a pin on the left end and a roller on the right end of the beam.  When I recreated the model in a fresh file, same boundary conditions, same loadings, same material, answers turned out correctly. Any ideas as to why I am unable to edit the boundary conditions and loadings, re-mesh and run, and still not get correct answers in the original file?  Thanks for your help.

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Gloria: My experimentation imples that the direction in which you draw a line (if using "weldment" functionality to later represent a structural member) sets the FEA BEAM axes direction. That is, if you draw left to right, you get different axes directions compared to drawing from right to left.

          If you extruded a cross section sketch to make a structural member, the FEA BEAM axes direction appears to be set by the extrusion direction. In the Simulation tree, you can right click on the results icon for the shear or moment diagram, choose "settings", and check the option to show beam axes on-screen. There is a little video we did at GoEngineer's YouTube channel, illustrating how to show the beam axes direction and how they relate to the S/M Diagrams. Hope this helps a little - Tony


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