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Configuration Publisher part not updateing correctlly?

Question asked by Rick Donnellon on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Rob Kuehl

After inserting the the attached part in an assembly, I go back and try to change it by using the Configure Component command and


if I change just the "Type" or/and the "Tip Shape" options only, the part does not update (no new configuration is created)?


If I change one of the other four parameters with or without changing the "Type" and/or  "Tip Shape" a new configuration is created and the part is updated.


The "Type" option only changes the part number, but changes no dimensions.

The "Tip Shape" Suppresses one feature and unsuppresses another feature, but changes no dimensions.

The other four parameters change model dimensions


I'm thinking maybe SW looks for a actual dimension change before triggering the creation of a new configuration, but I don't know.


Has anyone else noticed this behavior?


I think the Configuration Publisher is a powerful tool, but this limitation (if it is a limitation) makes it not as useful.


Thanks for any help