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    sp04 BOM Sorting Issue

    Dave Furry

      I downloaded the sp04EV last week and immediately ran into problems with the BOM sort showing up completely out of whack.  It insisted on sorting alphabetically without regard to spaces in front of stockcodes to force a grouping of items to appear first.  I quickly uninstalled this upon advice from our VAR and reloaded sp03.  I see the final version of sp04 downloaded yesterday and I am not sure I want to repeat the previous experiment so soon.  Has anybody installed sp04 and noticed this?

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          Tom Smith

          I have SP4. Just tried to put a few spaces in front of some part numbers and they still sort alphabetically.


          Personally, I welcome the fix.  I use a BOM column that has an equation that concatenates 3 fields and spaces between them. Sometimes those first 2 fields are empty, and when sorted by that column (they dont have part numbers assigned yet) the spaces made them jump up first.


          Is there another property you can use for grouping?   That practice could result with 2 part numbers "12345" and "  12345" having different content.

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              Dave Furry


              We use the drawing number as a stockcode, this includes drawings that have been around for 20 years, a lot longer than I have been here.

              I loaded sp04 on another workstation and came up with this workaround.  Using the periods, it places the drawings first.  While this is not a huge deal, there are hundreds of drawings that I have converted to SolidWorks the past 2 years, and I was really hoping not to have to go thru them all again.  One thing on my agenda is to find out if this is a permanent feature from now on.  Thanks for your input Tom, it got me thinking! (ouch)