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    LMTOOL FLEXLM and Solidworks 2012-2013 licenses

    J. L



      I will appreciate some help with my solid works license server. We currently run LMTOOL FlexLM for our licensing. The last version works with lmtools but the current version we recieves throws the error below.


      Could not obtain a license for SolidWorks Standard.

      License server does not support this version of this feature.



      The SNL Server needs updating, please contact your network

      administrator. For more information browse to:



      My problem is that I do not know how update my license in LMTOOLS FLexLM and please what is the process to upgrade licence to 2012-2013 in lmtools.


      An anwer will highly be appreciated.


      Thank you.


      /J. Lartey

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          Daen Hendrickson

          In your installation files for your latest install look for a folder named swlicmgr. Within that you should see a file named


          SolidWorks SolidNetWork License Manager.msi


          This will install the latest license server.


          Before doing so, you need to notify all users, have them save all of their work and exit SW. As soon as you take the license server service offline users will receive a "can't find a license" message and their session of SW will stop playing nicely.


          Stop the license service on the server and install the updated software.


          Hope this helps.



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              J. L

              Thank you for the reply Dean.


              The issue tho is that we  do not have solid works license manager as I mentioned so there is no license manager to unisnstall to befin with. We have LMTOOLS using FLEXLM.


              Trying to install license manager.msi just stops at the beginning and reports an error because I guess it senses that there is another FLEXLM being used by LMTOOLS.


              The flexlm we use servers different vendor licenses and not just solid works so I cannot mess with it much. The guy who has made the installation is on a long  vaccation and I guess I have to go through this the hard way.


              I can see these 3 files below but I cannot find them on the installation CD the we just got.


              SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\lmgrd_sw_d.exe



              SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\licenses\sw_d.lic



              SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\lmgrd.log

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              Mark O'Bryan

              Are you running an Educational Edition SNL? The EDU license is based upon SolidWorks Premium, not SolidWorks Standard.  In order to resolve, the issue you need your reseller to disable/re-enable your license on the SolidWorks Activation Server.  Once the license is 'reset' you will be able to reactivate successfully and pull SolidWorks Premium