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LMTOOL FLEXLM and Solidworks 2012-2013 licenses

Question asked by J. L on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by Mark O'Bryan



I will appreciate some help with my solid works license server. We currently run LMTOOL FlexLM for our licensing. The last version works with lmtools but the current version we recieves throws the error below.


Could not obtain a license for SolidWorks Standard.

License server does not support this version of this feature.



The SNL Server needs updating, please contact your network

administrator. For more information browse to:


My problem is that I do not know how update my license in LMTOOLS FLexLM and please what is the process to upgrade licence to 2012-2013 in lmtools.


An anwer will highly be appreciated.


Thank you.


/J. Lartey