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Eliminating Rollback Warning caused by Flat Pattern Feature?

Question asked by Larry Davis on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by Larry Davis

I have a sheet metal part in large assembly. The last feature in the part is the flat pattern feature, which I would delete if I could but it seems to be permanent. The flat pattern feature is rolled back, which is fine.


Every time I open my assembly, I get a warning error that "one of my parts is in a rolled back state, and would I like to roll it forward?" I always click no and "don't ask me again," which works until I restart Solidworks. I find this error extremely annoying. The message confuses people who open this assembly for the first time. Some people accidentally click YES to rolling forward, inadvertently causing assembly problems.


In my opinion, if the only rolled back feature is a flat pattern feature, this warning message should not be triggered. Obviously, I don't want my sheet metal part in the flat pattern state, or it wouldn't be correct in my assembly.

Can the message be permanently stopped somehow? Can I delete the flat pattern feature perhaps?