ConfiguratorWorks - Create productconfigurator without API knowledge

Discussion created by Guest on May 26, 2006
I've created a program to enable people without API knowledge to create a product configurator. You can simply select predefined actions from a list and store them in a featuremanager-like tree structure. Another program can be used to play back the recorded actions.

You can download a shareware version from -> software.

This shareware version provides full functionality and has no time limit. The only limitation is that only seven steps can be recorded and played back.

To get all desired information into the program (like dimension names,
file locations etc...) you'd best open the files in SolidWorks and get the information by clicking on a button.

After creating a list of steps that have to be performed by the program
(make this with the Recorder), you can execute this configurator with another program, the Player. The Recorder can be used to create the configurator (you have to make this once and you can edit it afterwards) and the Player to perform all steps that are in the configurator.

SolidWorks macros can also be run by the program, so custom made
functionality can also be added aswell.

The idea behind this program is to make companies less dependent and more flexible concerning product configurators. If companies use
product configurators, they are depending on the companies that created the configurator if they want to change something. This program enables companies to create and edit/change their own configurators. This will save a lot of money and make maintenance and editing much easier.

Kind regards,

J.J. Zwaard
Zwaard Engineering Studio