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motion analysis failed,

Question asked by Jemy Akvianto on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by Jim Boland

hello master solidwork, i've a question, please help me cause i'm a amateur student who studying solidwork

i want make the rotary motion on my design,

based first picture, i made the motion on animation tab, the input of the motor in red mark , when I started the animation, the result of motion was oscilation, BUT


based second picture, i changed state in motion analysis tab, unfortunately, the motion couldn't rotary in oscilation, but the model/part rotary in another direction (not clockwise or anti clockwise)


why i can get motion of oscilation in motion analysis? in my purpose i want get the result of the velocity about time, because the oscilation??
thanks for your attention



my file of SW in "new folder.rar" which I attached