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EPDM files and cloud(?) computing!!

Question asked by Emmanuel Saitakis on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by Mark Kaiser

Dear fellows,


we think about the following issue.


We backup our files (Server Configuration, Archive Configuration, Content blah blah) to an external HD of 1TB, but.. what in case that somebody steals our company's pcs, or the building gets in fire? I use those 2 extreme examples to show you our scepticism, in order to make backup(s) to a "thing" that is not in our company building.


How is that possible to backup our EPDM files and settings, to a "thing" outside of company building?

Backup to an external drive, and take it home?

Backup to a NSS ??

Backup to a Cloud program (eg Google Drive, Dropbox etc)??


How can we manage the "out-of-building" storage of our files?


Thanks again guys...