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Gravity vector parallel to rotation axis

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Jun 20, 2012


it's my first post here, and sorry for my bad english.


I'm a student and I must study a kinetic turbine (like a peace turbine) in flowsimulation.


The turbine is in a open channel with free surface but this, in my opinion, is not a problem, because I can change the water lavel in front of the turbine iteratively.


But the problem is that in the " solvingengineeringproblems.pdf " file there is this sentence: " If you consider gravitational effects in your analysis, the rotation axis must be parallel to the gravity vector. "


My turbine has the rotation axis horizontal in z direction, but the gravity is in -y direction.


You know why there is this limitation?

There is a way to simulate this problem?


Thank to all.