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Creating configurations in a design table with names based on cell contents

Question asked by Oliver Mackley on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by Dor Yacobi

Hi all, would like some thoughts on this.

I have got a very large design program on the go and currently have several advanced assemblies going on.

I have created configurations and then derived configurations up to 5 levels deep.

What I have found is that as I advance though the project I am finding more appropriate titles for the assemblies and changing them is becoming an absolute nightmare! I had this thought, if the configuration names were to include the & TEXT(C**,"0") within them then they could refernece the cells containing the relevant information (which keeps changing).


However, having deleted a huge design table (I made a copy first) I find that this is not possible, must frustrating because I cant understand why, I can create on configuration using formulas in the name and I can create one single derived configuration but adding anymore isnt possible as the design table refuses to update the model.


Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.