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SW2011 can't reinstall

Question asked by JM Terrade on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by JM Terrade

Hi, I'm a novice with solidworks....


SW 2011 Educator version was installed and runnig fine on my laptop (seven 64b).

Recently an installation window opens each time I tried to run SW.

I first tried to use the "repair" with no success.

Then I decided to uninstall all and re install.


Now, during installation process, registering is ok, but during the process, I got this error :


"Erreur 2908.Could not register component {32445126-62AB-469B-AC4F-8EADFAB5C85E}."


if I answer yes to continue installation, another error happens :


"Erreur interne: une erreur est survenue pendant l'installation de ce composant d'assemblage:



Is there a problem with the 64 bits version and/or seven ?


thank you for help.