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Will cylinder roll forever in SW motion?

Question asked by Shawn Yap on Jun 18, 2012

I am working the rolling and sliding of a cylinder these days. And I am trying to do it as accurate as possible. It is a simple simulation just like the diagram below. The cylinder will first slide on a frictionless ground and then start rotating when torque (caused by friction) occurs, this friction gradually cancel out the sliding and eventually there is only rolling. SW seems doing fine up to this point.

rolling sliding.png

But then in reality the rolling should be slowing down too due to compression and time-lagged decompression forces on the contact point, which give an opposite torque.


My questions are:

1) How solid bodies are treated in motion analysis? Rigid or compressible?

2) Are compression and time-lagged decompression forces included in the simulation to slow the cylinder down and finally causing it to stop?