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    Could not get parallel approval workflow to work

    James Lee

      Hi Guys,


      I was trying the parallel approval workflow that I got from this forum. Somehow I could not get it working.


      Here is what I did:


      Person A change the transition of a document, the document will go to waiting for approval state.


      Person B change the transition of the same document, the document will go to waiting for approval state.


      So how do I get to the Approved state when both A and B has voted.


      Attached is the workflow I used.


      I hope to hear from you guys soon.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Ravi Teja




               Currently i dont have EPDM on my machine.So cant see what you've done.


          Please refer the image.




          Ravi T

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            Charles Espinola



            I'll assume you did what I did the first time. Did you add place holders to the datacard for the variables?


            Once I did that, it worked correctly.

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                Stephen Lapic

                Based on certain criteria, we have an ECN process that needs either one, three, or five approvers.  Once the ECN is submitted for approval it goes through an automatic approval sorting state.  If it is a single approver it would follow a simple transition to get approved and then released.  If there is multiple approvers needed then it is just a little more complex.  After the approval sorting we have a transition for "3 approvals needed" where there is a condition placed for this particular sorting.  Then the state becomes "waiting for 3 approvals".  Between this state and the "approvals complete" state are three transitions, in our case it is for the engineering, purchasing, and quality departments.  For each of these transitions there is a condition setting a variable for their department "vote" to "0" and then an set variable action for the vote to "1".  There is also an automatic transition loop going back to the state Waiting for 3 approvals.  In this there is a condition making sure that this is for the 3 approvals and not the 1 or 5 approval plus there is an "or" with 3 conditions.  Each of those conditions are the department votes with an argument of "0".  Similar situation for the 5 approvals.


                So what happens is first it gets sorted by how many approvers are needed and then it waits for them to approve.  When someone approves it their vote changes from 0 to 1.  Each time someone approves it the votes are checked.  If each department does not have a vote of 1 then it goes back to the waiting for approval state.  When all the votes are equal to 1 then there is a transition that allows it to move from approvals complete to released.


                I hope this helps.  It is a little complex but once you have it in front of you it is easy to understand and follow.

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                    Jason Capriotti

                    We do something similar, although we handle multiple levels of approvals with one approval state. The rules for the transition are tough to wrap your head around as you have to think in reverse.


                    We normally have 6 approvals. But if the cost involved goes over a certain monetary value, one more approval is added. We also have two other types of ECOs where one only requires 2 approvals and the other 1.