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How make a dimension snap to the grid

Question asked by Daniel Herodes on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Keith Brownes

     On a drawing, I am having difficulty spacing dimensions that are on an angle (not horizontal or vertical). I used to create a contruction layer with lines spaced ¼" apart and parallel to my dimensions. I would line my dimensions up to that then turn the layer off. My corporate proceedure is to have everything on one layer so I cannot do that any longer (I dont want to constantly re-create the contruction lines).

      So I am trying to space my dimensions using the grid. According to solidworks help you should be able to make a dimension (not notes though) snap to the grid if it is turned on and that snapping is turned on. Both are but the dimensions will not snap to the grid. If I zoom in the dimension text can be moved anywhere I want and not snap into place. I know that snapping is enabled since if I draw a line it snaps to the grid. Horizontal and vertical dimensions do not snap to the grid either. They do however snap to the offset distances (whether I have "annotation view layout" enabled or not) this, clearly does not work for aligned dimensions.

     Is there something I am missing in my settings here?