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    First Assembly Tutorial

    Chev Chelios

      I am on the first assembly tutorial.  I am trying to mate the two parts.  I have one of them drawn in the wrong direction, "Tutor1" is facing one way, and "Tutor2" is facing opposite as it should.


      How do I fix this?


      "Move with Triad" is not precise, and I don't see how I can ever completely match one surface with another with this function if I am making an assembly with a bunch of parts that need to be put in at odd angles.


      Furthermore, trying repeatedly to make it work with that insufficient function, it no longer shows up when I right click.  Why does it no longer show up?  It was there, now it is not.  Having to close and reopen, or recreate files, is not an acceptable solution to every problem encountered when drafting.  There needs to be something better.  Is there?

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          David Bazinet

          Part 1 -> How do I fix this?

          Try clicking on the two items you want to mate and use the "Aligned / Anti-Aligned" buttons in the mate dialog box (at the bottom of the "Standard Mates" section


          Part 2 -> Move with Triad

          I tend to use this more for positioning components "close" to one another rather than trying to match up surfaces.  Note that it's just as easy to " left click and hold" to position components as well.


          Part 3 -> Missing Triad

          If you right click on the component and look at the pop up menu there will be a set of down arrows at the bottom of this menu.  If you click on that does the triad appear back in the menu?

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            Brad S

            sounds to me like you want to rotate in fixed angle increments.

            You can right click on a triad ring and type 180 to turn the object. (90 for a quarter turn)
            You can also investigate the Show Rotate Delta XYZ interface in the help file


            you should find moving/rotating objects roughly close to what you want and the align/anti-align setting setting should give you what you need. later because many mates have more than one mathematical possibility, you will need to learn how to design/build models with reliable sets of mates.