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Automatic properties/vault not updating

Question asked by Sharline Fitch on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by Keith Vittitoe

I'm creating a vault and working out all of the bugs (test vault)

why does work group write properties into the documents that I check in?

how can I stop this from happening?

-I have only a few documents that I am working with and in the course of adding projects then deleting them to just create more or more defined projects when I try to check these same documents in the vault wont allow it because it has written a project into the properties of the document and i no longer have that project in my vault. through swexplore, I have been able to delete the properties (did not work)

- I have gone in to the vault folder that holds the projects and have deleted the project folders and the documents however when I open sw explore or sw the folders are still present including the documents. I have tried to delete them form these places and I get an error 53.

do I have to delete these from my local drive?

I haven't had this issue up until now..


any ideas?