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Potential Circular Reference in Equations

Question asked by Todd Carpenter on Jun 15, 2012

Not sure this question belongs in this section or not, apologies if I've misplaced it...


I have what I think is a fairly simple assembly it consists of a 3DSketch to drive som basic sizes which I've linked to some inserted parts.  In the equation editor all of my linked dimensions show up with the exclamation point in the triangle.  The equations seem to work - but how do I get rid of the circular reference - I can't seem to find anything on this except in the context of assemblies - and from what I've read, I haven't created anything that would cause a CR.


I've attached the file, like I said, it seems to work, I'd just like it to be more robust - I'm assuming the CR cloud could cause me some drama down the road...


Thanks for any help.