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Folder Card Not Saving Input

Question asked by Alison Hilditch on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by Alison Hilditch

Hi there,


Everything was woring fine when creating new project folders, The serial number would generate and all text fields would fill appropriately...and then I made an edit to the FOlder card. I have no clue what could have done it, but now when I create a project folder, the Folder card pops up as per normal, the serial number generates (Though it took me rebuilding the folder card to get even that),I can fill out all of the information, and upon clicking OK the data card does not contain any information what-so-ever. I can manually edit and save the information once the folder has been created, but I think that defeats the purpose of having the folder card pop up upon creation. I have attached screen shots of of the before OK click and post OK click. I have been combing through the templates and folder card settings to dertermine what could be causing the inputs to not transfer.

I'm still relatively new to EPDM and sometimes the massive amounts of conflicting settings screw me up.

Any help would be awesome!

I am running EPDM 2012