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Simulating the filtration of certain particles

Question asked by Harry Tuazon on Jun 14, 2012



Does anyone have an idea how to model the flow of impure water in a filter membrane?


Specifically, filtering out sand particles (approx. 100 microns) using a square plate that has 50 microns sizes.


I have inserted the square filter into a 200 micron tube for the computation area in assembly.


1. When I initially use the wizard, I used water as reference.

2. I am unsure of the boundary conditions. Are there any good thumb rule for this?

     (I used the bottom part of the tube as the initial flow in with a Total pressure of 2 atm and the top part with a environmental pressure of 1 atm, such as that I am pushing the model in a tank of water)

3. Once the calculation is complete I proceeded to the particle study. Am I suppose to define to a new solid (call it "sand") or can I just use iron, for example, and change the particle size to 100 micron, will that work?