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    Static study error

    Ben Beiswanger

      I have a structural assembly of a large trailer that I want to simulate the stress and strain. I am new to the simulation software and am starting small.  I have 6 subassemblies that I put together and was able to successfully mesh and run all of them seperately. (Static test) 


      When I put them together and try to run the assembly, I get an error: "May have bad(distorted) elements. No result saved."   What does this mean and how can I fix it?


      Another error I have gotten is "Element voume is smaller than limit.."


      Any help is appreciated I just started using the software last week. Thanks

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          Manoj Yadav

          suppress the component in assembly those have no effect  try to do simulation only on the required components not with  whole assembly its a general rule applied in all fea tools restrain ur component properly  and please dont try to do simulation on whole trailer assembly  just take the structural member 

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            Billy Wight

            Those errors are related to poor element quality, i.e. negative jacobian values.  You probably have some bad geometry, very small features, or are trying to use too large of a mesh size.  Have a look at your geometry for errors, use local mesh refinement, or reduce your mesh size and try again.