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SolidNetWork Licenses

Question asked by Rob Rabouin on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by John Picinich

The company I work for currently has 10 seats of SW Standard, 1 seat of SW Office, and 1 seat of SW Professional. Yesterday, we ran into an issue where all of the licenses were being used and someone couldn't get into SW. When we checked the license manager, it showed that all of our seats of Standard were in use, but the seats of Office and Profressional weren't being used. When our IT guy did the installs, he designated one engineer's install to be the Office install and another engineer's install to be Professional. We believed this meant that these engineers would then be the ones using the Office and Professional seat all the time. However, when we checked the license manager both of these users were using the Standard licenses. In an effort to get these two engineers to use the Office and Professional license, I checked add-ins on their SolidWorks that were associated with the Office and the Professional seats which would force their computer to use that respective license. After doing so, I checked the license manager again and now it showed that one of the users was using the Office license and the other was using the Professional license as I had hoped. I thought this had fixed our problem since with these users now using those licenses I had just freed up two Standard licenses. However, I checked the availability of the Standard licenses and it still showed the two users who were now using the Office and Professional license.


So, needless to say, we are a little confused as to why when these users are using the Office and Professional license that they are using a Standard license at the same time. My company has paid for 12 seats but in reality it looks like we only have 10. In the license manager under SolidWorks standard it say we have a total of 10 licenses, but if Professional and Office user a standard license at the same time, should this really say we have 12 total license and therefore two of our licenses aren't activated for some reason? Thanks in advance.