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Problems with the Surface Wizard

Question asked by Nicolas Hite on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

I'm currently attempting to create a surface from a mesh file that I have, using the surface wizard's automatic creation because the shape is free-form. I choose number of surfaces and all that, but when I complete the wizard, the result is a base feature (with the cube-esque icon) called "Imported1." I want to instead create a surface feature called "surface-Imported1," and I've done it once before, but I can't seem to recreate it. I'm just following the wizard, so I don't think I'm doing anything differently.


The base feature created looks exactly the same, but I need a surface for a few things I am planning to do (intersection curves, a few boss extrudes that end at a surface), so this base feature won't cut it. Any ideas?