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Favorite Tip/Trick or Important Concept in PhotoView 360

Discussion created by Marlon Banta Employee on Jun 13, 2012
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I wanted to initiate a forum discussion to understand your favorite tip/trick in PhotoView 360 or a concept that you felt would be important for someone new to PhotoView 360 to master.


Basically imagine that you are responsible for training a new member of your group and that person is required to produce renderings in PhotoView 360. What tip/trick would you teach this person to help them use PhotoView 360? Or, what concept would you clarify for this person because you felt that the concept was very important or perhaps you found it challenging when you were learning PhotoView 360?


I'll start by saying that I would make sure this new person understood the appearance hierarchy. I would make sure they understood that face appearances remain when you change feature appearances which remain if you change body appearances... I found this concept challenging when I first started rendering; first in PhotoWorks and now in PhotoView 360. For this reason I would make sure that a new hire understood the appearance hierarchy.