Registry Problems & Bugs

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 12, 2006
I was having various issues with SW 2006 sp5 and was working with my VAR to try to resolve them.
During this we covered various aspects of installing SW.
Before installing SW stop the antivirus service in the manangment console (Right click my computer Select manage & then select services
Select antivius & stop the service.)

I was still getting issues with SW and it was suggested to me to try logging on the PC as the default Aministrator Account
This instantly cured some of the problems I was getting.( Sketches were going overdefined, & none of the Prompt to set driven, or driven by default options worked)
I tried to edit the registry to ensure that I had full rights to all SW keys, but this did not seem to work for me.
So eventually we created a complete new profile for Me on our domain with full adminisrative rights on my PC.
This involved me recreating my entire profile on my PC but at least SW was working better.
I am not suggesting that creating a new profile is the way to go, but it is certainly worthwhile trying SW logged on as the Administrator to see if this cures any issues that users are having.
This all implies that SW has some issues with the registry.
I had no specific restrictions on my user profile and was an Administrator on my PC.
I still have my old profile on my PC & would be interested in any sugestions I could try to resolve the issues that I was getting
SW 2006 sp 5
Win XP sp2
AMD Athlon 64 3800+
2gb Ram
Nvida Quadro 1400 71.84 driver