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    Decals and Realview makes SW2012 crash?

    Ari Arponen

      I have been working on with exterior model one of our products, and been making decals for it. But if I try to enable Realview graphics, the SW crashes everytime (not responding). We dont have the proffessional version yet (boss said we will have the lisence in a month), so I cannot use the Photoview. Are the graphics just too heavy to handle? And can this be done with Photoview. Here's a screenshot of assembly. Most parts here are surfaces does this have a negative effect? What I noticed is that the decal goes "through" surfaces to another side, but not in solid parts.




      And here's the closer look on lower part of the chassis. It has many broken faces, so how big impact this kind of surface models have on performance?

      fixingthe surfaces.jpg

      I already fixed the lower door part but everything behind it looks a mess.