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BOXX versus DELL T5500

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by Casper De Boer

I am looking into getting some highend desktop workstations mainly for Mastercam Mill and Lathe work but they are utilizing Solidworks Files. Mastercam did quote a Quad Core 3.06GHz PC, but for the same cost I can get a Six Core processor from Dell. I am not going to consider Lenovo's and definitely not HP so please don't bring it up.


I created a quote between BOXX and DELL and for nearly the same price I can get a Six Core Xeon Processor X5690 Dell and a 24" Monitor with everything else being practically the same on the BOXX quote. I am tired of hearing from Sales people why their product is better, I would like to hear some real world answers about Why the BOXX is the better system over the Dell and if the Dell I have would be comparable to the quoted Boxx system.


Here are 2 files of what I have quoted. The Boxx is about $100 more than the Dell is.


Does any have a thought on this issue?



Scott Baugh