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Surfaces to solid body errors - please help!

Question asked by Min Wu on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by Min Wu

Hi guys,


I am new to SolidWorks and am currently trying to complete a turorial to make an F-16.


I have made all the surfaces of the F-16 body and knitted them into (what apparently seems to be) an airtight model. However, it refuses to let me form a solid body out of the knitted surfaces as there is obviously some error. Sometimes when I try, it gives me a "intersecting geometry" error, or sometimes just nothing at all.


I have uploaded the file with this post and please have a look at "Surface-Knit12" in the features tree. Once you open it, you can clearly see the surface is all enclosed and knitted, but it still refuses to let me from a solid body?


If anyone knows of any tricks or ways to solve this problem, please let me know! I am pretty desperate to get this tute completed and any help would be greatly appreciated.