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    How do I set up new variables

    Derek Hindsberg



      How do I add a variable from customworks to ePDM? I have tryed with following settings but it doesent work Variable.jpg

      I'm trying make a new search card where there is a checkbox conected to the variable "kiinnitysosa" and if you put a check in the checkbox ePDM will search for all the parts that have been saved in customworks with a check in the same box.

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          I'm not sure what customworks is, but I can tell you that EPDM will only link to SolidWorks custom properties. If customworks pulls from those custom properties, then you should be able to do the link.


          Check out pages 394-397 in the Administration Guide to get all of the details on this.

          EPDM Custom Prop Link.JPG

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              Derek Hindsberg

              Customwork is a software from http://www.cadworkssoftware.com/ and it makes it easy add variables to a solidwork file.


              New question,


              Is it possible to change a variable value for all files in one folder instead of opening each file and change it manually?

              example, in folder XXX there is files from 0001_YYY.sldprt  to 0099_YYY.sldprt and I want to change/add variable spare_part = 1 to all of these files.

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                  Joy Garon

                  Hi Derek,


                  The answer is yes, however, the method depends on whether you have the value in the Folder data card.


                  If the variable also exist on the folder data card, then you can push the values to the files contained in the folder.

                  Select the parent folder, select Modify > Update > Values in Files... (files MUST be checked out in order to update values)



                  This brings up a six step wizard:

                  1. Enter file name filter (or leave blank to select all files) Check to include subfolders.
                  2. Filter files by workflow states.
                  3. Uncheck files you do not wish to update from available files list.
                  4. Select variables you wish to push from folder card to files.
                  5. Select configurations (@ for file custom properties)
                  6. Select Finish to execute.


                  If the variable does not exist in the folder card, you can use a Dispatch action to achieve. (see sample)


                  Best Regards,


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                      Brian Dalton

                      Great info, Joy.


                      Just to be clear - updating variables in this fashion will create new versions of all the updated files, will it not?

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                        Derek Hindsberg

                        Hi everybody,


                        And thank you Joy, it doesn't mather if a new version is saved upon check in.


                        New questions again ,

                        In a serch card where you have textbox that searches text from one variable. Now it searches for exact matches but I want to change it to search for "word1" and "word2". Example, variable string is "purchased sparepart crank machineXX" if I search for "purchasedt" or "crank" it will find the part but not if I search for "purchased + crank". Is it possible to change it? It works if you use the "variable search control" but then you always have to choose the variable type word1 click "add" and click the variable again to type the second word you want to search for.


                        Another thing that bothers me is


                        The checkbox have 3 properties checked, blue and unchecked.. I want the unchecked to do what the blue does, delete the blue property and that unchecked is the deafult setting when you open the search card. Is this possible?


                        This is my first week workin with a PDM system so my questions may seem a bit odd

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                    Victor Monje



                    This is what we use to add, remove or modify custom properties to our SolidWorks Files, this software was provided by Trimech Solutions, they installed our PDM Vault, I'm sure that the people that did your vault intallation should have something similar to this.Trimech Custom Properties.jpg

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                        Joy Garon

                        Hello All,


                        After seeing Victors answer I wanted to clarify that my solution is for files that are in the vault.

                        And as Steve noted, yes, this will create a new version upon checkin.




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                            Victor Monje



                            I use this tool to create new custom properties for all the SolidWorks user using the vault, Here is my approach.


                            1. I make sure that all user have their file checked in to the vault.
                            2. check out all or only the files that need this change.
                            3. Run the change custom properties software.
                            4. Check in all the files, adding a description to the change.
                            5. modify the .PRTDOT;*ASMDOT;*DRWDOT template files, so that all the files created by the user have the new properties.
                            6. create and map the variables in PDM so that the data colected by the variable can be searched.

                            It's a cool tool to have it has saved me a lot of time.