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    Inventor 11 to Solidworks 2007

      Acis is your best format.
        • Inventor 11 to Solidworks 2007
          The few times I have had to get data from Inventor or Mechanical Desktop, I have requested ACIS files (.sat format)

          The Inventor Shape Manager technology is built on an older version of the ACIS kernal.

          I have also had success with STEP & IGES files.

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            Step is the succesor of IGES. Typically you will get better output from a step translation, but your mileage may vary. If you are translating prismatic type shapes, then either will work for you.

            Here are two wiki links for you to read more about step and iges.



            on 2006 14 13:59 Brian Long wrote:
            > So what are the benifits of a step file over an iges file?
            > Brian G. Long
            > Solidworks 2007
            • Inventor 11 to Solidworks 2007
              So what are the benifits of a step file over an iges file?
              Brian G. Long
              Solidworks 2007
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                I do not believe Inventor can output a parasolid file. You are left with step then iges in order of preference.


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                on 2006 14 12:07 Brian Long wrote:
                > We have a guy that insist on using Inventor for the plain and simple reason he
                > doesn't want to learn Solidworks. With that said, I would like to know which is
                > the best format to have him export his files as (step,iges,parasolid,?)? We work
                > with parts and assemblies.
                > Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
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                  Ed Burris
                  From talking to SW resellers, I was under the impression that SWFeatureWorks would open .ipt (Inventor) files.  Is this nottrue?  I just convinced my boss to but SW Professional becauseof this feature???
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                      John Burrill
                      Solidworks will open an IPT part. That leaves assemblies and drawings (and presentation files) without dance partners. This functionality is part of the core Solidworks package and does not require feature works. However, Solidworks only imports the 3D geometry and not the feature tree. Featureworks allows you to interactively or automatically create feautres from the model. It's not sure-fire and I've only had a couple of cases where it was a better solution than either using the dumb solid as-is or recreating the model from scratch.
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                          Ben Froese
                          Install the Inventor viewer which you can download for free from Autodesk, as long as you have that installed on your machine you can import Inventor files, don't even need the viewer open. This way the customer does not have to convert any files which will make them happier.

                          I do however have the problem where the parts are out of scale once I have them open in SW. I do believe that's a SW issue and as far as I know they're working on it.