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    render beam profile

    Michael Kogan

      When simulating a model with beam elements, there is the option: render beam profile. I simulated the same model with and without the option and got very different results for maximum stress.


      The model i used is from simulation course file: particle seperator.


      for stress result:

      without render: upper bound axial and bending

      with render: axial and bending







      would appriciate if someone could appriciate the difference in the max stress.




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          Dave Laban

          I'd also be querying the bottom scale value too.  -7MPa implies the second plot is direction dependent rather than just being magnitude dependent.

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            SRIKANT RANJAN

            Hi Michael,


            When you use render beam profile option the stress value gets calculated/plotted across the cross section as well and. Therefore, you will see stress variation across the cross section of the beam. However, when you plot without rendering beam profile a max(absolute) value across cross section gets extracted and that's what gets plotted. The reason it is more conservative (higher stress means lower factor of safety) but does not mean more accurate. With rendering beam profile you get more accurate result at the cost of computation time.

            I hope it helps.