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Trying to import a model from Del Cam to Solidworks

Question asked by James Moynagh on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by Lenny Bucholz

Basically we want to take a look at a model one off our mould companies used to cut the mould for a trial with. This company has a number off 3D modellers and the two that deal with use use Pro E for one guy and Del Cam for the other. The guy who uses Del Cam did this particular model and has sent it through in a number off formats but only some off the surfaces are coming through. Hes has sent as IGES, STEP, STEP SOLID, and Pro E Step. All are the same, it comes up at the start that there's 41 surfaces found and when its open half are missing. However when he opens the file formats he sends me there is no issue. Any body able to help and this is sarting to drive us both mad...note on other occasions I have gotten models through from him and they opened up no bother..well there was problems with IGES but STEP worked.