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Trigger a file to move through one workflow via another workflow

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Iftach Priel

I have two workflows: CAD Files and ECR. 

Is there a way that if a drawing in the CAD Files workflow was at the Production Approved state (this is how one of the final stages in our workflow for CAD files)  to another state, such as Work In Progress, all from the ECR workflow.


So, basically, what I want to do is if an ECR (Engineering Change Request) is approved on a production approved part, I want the PDM to take that specific part and move it back into a Work in Process state in the CAD Files workflow.


Here is a brief summary of what I'm looking to accomplish:


a.) Part A is in the Production Approved state in the CAD Files workflow.

b.)  Someone issues an ECR requesting a change to Part A.

c.)  The ECR is approved by the Engineering staff and an ECO is issued (Engineering Change Order).


What I would like to have happen is that when the ECR is approved, it automatically moves Part A From the Production Approved state in the CAD Files workflow into the Work In Process state automatically on its own when the ECR is approved.


Any ideas on what is needed to do something like this?   I'm aware of the workflow links, but am not sure if I'll get the results I want from that...