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    Dual Dimension formatting for slot hole callouts

    Jared Mikasa

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to figure out how to format dual dimensions on slots.  I know how to position dual dimensions for all features except for slots.  Here is how my dimension currently looks:




      I would like the dual dimension to appear above the primary dimension.  Does anyone know how to do this?

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          Brian Lindahl

          I tried and got the same thing.  As a work-around, I came up with this:




          Part 1 is the dual dimensioned slot, just like you had shown.  Part 2 is the diameter of the slot in dual dims, and 3 is the length in dual.  Part 4 is not a dimension, but rather a linked note, referencing part 3 and 4 of the image.  After creating Note 4, hide (View, Hide/Show Annotations) the RD3 and RD4 entities.  (Dim 1 is not required for anything).  This remains parametrically driven by the model, which is good, but it's just a bunch of extra steps to accomplish.  Also - DON'T DELETE THE REFERENCE DIMENSIONS!!!  They should only be hidden.  If they are deleted, the reference dimension names can get recycled, and then the note is linked to something new.

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            David Brown

            I am trying to do a similar type of formatting with dual dimensions, my quick workaround was to finding an old autocad dwg with the formatting I wanted and opening/copying the dimension from the autocad drawing. Unfortunately the format painter doesn't transfer stacking over to the solidworks dimensions so I had to modify the imported dimension. Certainly not the best solution but works.