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    Create Line Through XYZ Point

      You can type the point's xyz coordinates in the property manager. Same goes for lines, arcs, etc.

      SolidWorks 2006 SP4.0 on WinXp SP2
      UG NX on Win2000 SP3
        • Create Line Through XYZ Point
          if you are looking for a spline, just simply create the spline and attach the points where needed. you can also create 3d points, then from the 3d point create a curve. but if you are looking for cooling, you dont need to be precise. i would create a 3d spline, then make dimensions to your planes from the points to tie them down to something so the spline doesn't shift when you drag it. then use the drag handles at the points to define your spline to the approximate dimension you would like.

          i would prefer to use curves only because the curve cannot be changed except for adding points. the spline always can be changed from the drag handles.

          in order to create the curve, create a 3d sketch containing points. then tie down the points with dimensions to your 3 planes. exit the sketch when you have your points in and go to insert/curve/curve through reference points. start with your first point and select in the order you wish your cooling to go.
          • Create Line Through XYZ Point
            Any body know how to create a 3D sketch Line Through XYZ Point ?
            I need this to create cooling chanel in my mold design.

            • Create Line Through XYZ Point
              to make a 3d line, you just select line in your 3d sketch, put in the line and dont worry about any relations (you can take care of those later). after you have inserted all the lines you would like, select "display/delete relations". in your pulldown in the menu make sure "all in this sketch" is selected. then select delete all. this will delete every relation you just made in the 3d sketch. then simply dimension the points from the planes.

              it would be very nice if solidworks offered a 3d point through XYZ button, like they do with the curves. because the hardest thing to do is dimension all of those points. but as of now, i dont believe they have one.

              i hope this helps.
              • Create Line Through XYZ Point
                I'm not sure this is what you want, but to create a 3D-line, first place the points and then make a 3D-line between them.
                See attachment.
                • Create Line Through XYZ Point
                  Hi Kuhn.......

                  Thank`s for your suggestion.....
                  But, what I am looking for is how to create 3D LINE through XYZ. You know that SolidWorks have CURVE Through XYZ point, so we easily create 3D curve by input the coordinate through XYZ ( see my jpg !!! ).

                  Now, I want to create 3D LINE through XYZ point by inputing the coodinate.
                  Hope you clear about this.........

                  Thank`s Kuhn......