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problem with result, SolidWorks Flow simulation

Question asked by Chih-Chieh Chang on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by Chris Michalski

Dear Flow Simulation Forum Members,


I am a new user of the Flow Simulation. I tried to use it to simulate the flow field of a circular air diffuser.


The dimensions of the room are 12m*12m*3m. The position of the diffuser is in the center of the roof. The inlet velocity is 5m/s.

  dimensions of the room.png


The following are the results (velocity contour, horizontal and vertical views).


Since the shape of diffuser is circular and the shape of room is symmetric with diffuser’s axis, I think the results should be concentric circles around the center point. But it looks quite strange. Are these results right? Or I miss something when running Flow Simulation.


Hope someone can give me your opinions.


Thank you.