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    Nesting solutions for Solidworks - Sigmanest V9

    Chris Hudson

      We just finished a huge project 230' riverboat, which I modeled in Solidworks and nested in autocad.  The nesting side is very time consuming!!!  I am looking for a souliton to minimize nesting times.  

      I used Sigmanest a few years ago and decided to try a demo of V9.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improt sketches from the part file into Sigmanest?  Is there a better solution. 

      If I have to recreate all of the markings and notes in sigmanest,  I really do not see any time savings.  Any help suggestions would be appreciated.


      Thank you


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          Mark Greenwell

          Hi Chris/


          I use both Solidworks and SigmaNest and other bits of software.


          You can directly import SolidWorks parts into SigmaNest,


          You can save a part drawing as a DXF, DWG and import into SigmaNest.


          Once parts are in SigmaNest you can then nest them for plasma / oxy gas burning.


          There is also a add on software called SolidNest which run in conjunction with SigmaNest and SolidWorks basically its a 3D nesting system which nests directly the 3D parts into SigmaNest.





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            Califf Chris



            We might have the perfect solution for you. We have an add in to Solidworks that automatically exports .dxf or dwg files for a CAM system to nest. (CadCODE, RouterCIM, AlphaCAM, etc.). It also exports a .csv file that tells the CAM system how many of each part is needed, and what the material is for each part. I believe sigma nest could use the files as well, but I am not sure. The files we export are layered DXF files, so the CAM systems knows what to do with each feature (dado, hole, insidecut, etc). We are currently using the add in our shop, but the full version with the export feature has not been realeased yet for others. We are looking for partners to help beta test it.


            If you sent us a few sample parts, we could demostrate it for you. What type of parts are you cutting? Are they flat panels to be cut on a nested based CNC router?


            Please feel free to email me at chris@silverstarcabinets.com for more information. You can also check out the website for our current version (which does not support .dwg export and feature recognition), at www.pathfinder3D.com. Also feel free to call. (360) 772 3338.